15 Tips for Hosting a Summer Party

Tips, Host Summer Party

As we enter the summer months, it means pool parties, BBQs, beach days, and warm nights fill up our calendars. We have compiled a list of helpful tips that we have learned along the way as we have helped out our clients and even thrown our own parties a time or two.

1) Keep your guests comfortable – If it is a particularly warm day, plan to keep fans going. Possibly look into some misters to place outside. If it is indoors, it may be worth it to crank the A/C on for a bit to ensure your guests are comfortable.

2) Provide shady places – Given a lot of summer parties take place during the day, plan on renting some umbrellas if you don’t have any. If your budget allows, you can also rent a tent to block the sun’s heat and glare. This way you can keep your food, drinks, and guests protected from the sun. For more information about tent, check out this previous post.

Event Tent

Photograph Credit: 24/7 Events

3) Hire professionals – When it comes to hosting, it is helpful to hire professionals to assist along the way. It will ensure you can have a good time at your party. Unless you enjoy cooking for large numbers, having your event catered it beneficial. It doesn’t mean you have to hire a caterer, ordering from your local sandwich shop will reduce your to do list tremendously.

4) Enlist extra help – Sure, you can do it all, but it will be helpful to enlist help from family members or friends to help out. Assign tasks, big or small, to others so you aren’t stuck doing it all.

5) Plan for rentals – Depending on the formality of your event, it will determine what your needs are. Most likely you will need tables and chairs to start with. Enquire about delivery options. This will be a helpful add on so you don’t need to run out the morning of your event to pick up everything. Most companies have everything you need on site for your party.

6) Determine your location – Nothing says summertime party like being poolside. If you don’t have a pool, no problem. Plan your party at the beach. If you’re not looking to host a party where guests are are in bathing suits, your options are vast. Look into local clubhouses, private rooms at restaurants or wineries, or your own home.

Pool Party

Photograph Credit: 24/7 Events

7) Provide options for your guests – Not everyone is guaranteed to eat what you are planning on serving. This doesn’t mean you have to redo your menu, perhaps provide some vegetarian options in addition to your main course. Also a self serve style is nice since guests can add their own toppings, condiments, etc.. This idea also extends into your beverage choices. Include both alcohol, for your guests that are 21 and over, and non-alcohol drinks so everyone has an option. And always be sure to have water! Last thing you want is your guests to get dehydrated from the heat.

8) Think about lighting – Should your soiree go into the night, plan accordingly for lighting. Most likely the lighting at your home should be efficient. However, if you want to change the ambience, possibly consider having market lights strung through your backyard. This alone, changes the look of your event incredibly. You can also use uplighting throughout your backyard to throw in some color to suit your theme.

Newhall Mansion Market Lights

Photograph Credit: William Innes Photography

9) Consider entertainment options – This tip can fit any budget. Entertainment can be anything between throwing on your iPhone on a speaker to providing live entertainment. Some sort of music instantly lifts the spirits of guests. Of course entertainment can include live acts or skilled professionals providing services.

10) Have activities or games planned – One of the best parts of summer is being able to be outdoors. Why not bring the traditional family games outside! With Pinterest providing a number of DIY options, look into making some of your own backyard games. This will be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Backyard Games

Head over to Listotic for more backyard games you can have at your next party!

11) Give safe transportation options – With fun parties, often comes guests imbibing. Being a responsible host may mean giving suggestions for safe travels home. Why not increase the fun, and plan ahead to rent a luxury party bus to get you to your event destination.Luxury Party Bus Rental

Photography Credit: 24/7 Transportation

12) Set the tone with decor – It is always fun to throw a theme into the party. With so many amazing resources out there, you can either attempt DIY or purchase from a site like Etsy. A few little touches go along way. Think signage, labels for food and drink, or even banners. There is truly many ideas out there. The tough part is narrowing them down!

13) Have interactive food stations – Food stations are quite popular! You may have seen them at the last wedding you attended. Why not bring that to your party? During the summer months, think about have an ice cream sundae station where guests can make their own concoctions. Once the sun comes down, maybe even firing up the fire pit and let your guests make their own s’mores would be a good option.

S'mores bar

Check out this s’mores set up featured at Style Me Pretty. Photograph Credit: Captured Photography by Jenny

14) Remember to capture the moments – Often times as the host, we are so busy with details and ensuring everyone is having a good time, we forget to capture all fun that people are having. If you know you won’t be able to take pictures throughout the night, have a friend or family member take pictures for you. It is always nice to be able to look back at pictures.

15) Relax and have fun! – Isn’t this what parties are all about anyways?!