Tantalizing Tents

When planning an event, whether it is a backyard party or your wedding, there are many factors that play a role in developing the overall theme. One way your style can be defined, is by utilizing a tent rental. Not only does if protect your guests from external elements, but it has the ability to create a very dynamic atmosphere. A tent can either be your primary space or it can act as a back up plan should weather not be cooperative the day of your event.


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As long as you have the space that is needed, a tent can be placed virtually anywhere. It can be placed on sand at the beach, grass in a backyard, or concrete at a park. Different measures can be taken to assure that the tent is secured to the ground. Many people think of an enclosed area when thinking about a tent. However, there are many different options. You can choose to have it be open air, paneled with sides with or without windows, a clear top or sides, or a solid enclosure. Another available feature for tent rentals in the ability for it to be climate controlled. It can be cooled down for summer weather or made a bit warmer when it is chilly out.






Another item to consider is size. Many factors contribute to the size that is needed for a tent. You will need to have a firm number on your guest list. Increases in guest count will inevitably lead to going up in size which may lead to a cost increase. In order to determine the size needed for your tent, you can estimate 15 square feet per person, which includes your dining tables. However, you will need to consider all the items that will be needed for your event. This may include a buffet table, a dance floor, stage, etc.. If you wish to have these items underneath your tent, you will need to increase the size.



Decor & Lighting

What sets apart tents from other venues, is the ability to truly customize all aspects of decor. Think of yourself as an artist. You have a blank slate to work with, and you are free to do whatever you would like. You don’t have preexisting styles to work around. You have the option to make this entire space fit your specific theme. You can adorn the space with liners at the top and draping all around to set a romantic tone to the event. You can also enhance the ceiling with chandeliers. Depending on the style of the event, you can use balloons to fill the ceiling or even string lanterns around the area. You can also work your florist to have arrangements hung from the ceiling. Another way to set the mood is with lighting. If you are planning your event during the evening, lighting will be a necessity. You can also utilize market lights to string across the space. Another option is to use uplighting to light up the side panels of the tent. This is a versatile option as the lighting technician will be able to set the color that fits your theme.



 Photo credit: R&R Photography

Other Considerations

When deciding on a tent, you will also need to consider where the event staff will take care of their event responsibilities. Will the caterer need a separate tent for food preparation? Will the bartender be mixing drinks in the main tent, or will he need a smaller version for his bar? Aside from extra space, it is important to consider flooring. Do you want your guests on the existing ground or do you wish to have flooring installed? All of these decisions help build the overall style of your event.



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